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Chia Seeds (Chia Seeds) - Super Foods

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Chia seeds are considered by many to be a superfood, while they are the favorite food of many stars!

Why? It is the richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids (α-linolenic acid).

Of their fats, 60% are ω-3, 15% ω-6, 5% ω-9 and 20%, saturated fat. They are also rich in fiber (soluble and insoluble), amino acids, antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients.

Just 1 tablespoon of chia seeds contains 5 g. of vegetable fiber, 3 g. of protein, 2282 mg of omega 3 and 752 mg of omega-6 fatty acids! These "miracle" seeds have 15 times more magnesium than broccoli, 3 times more iron than spinach, 6 times more calcium than milk and 2 times more potassium than bananas.

Also important is their content of calcium and boron, two minerals that work together for the good health of our bone system.

For conscious health food consumers, chia seeds have a significant advantage over fish meat and their oils because they do not contain cholesterol, gluten or phytoestrogens.

Finally, they do not oxidize & can be stored for years.

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